3 Big Films in 7 Days!

Sunday, February 10th, 2019, 04:00:44 PM IST

Three big-ticket films like KGF-Kolar Gold Fields, Kathanayakudu and F2 are gearing up to release on digital platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar etc. Within a month or two of its release in theatres, filmmakers are now opting to sell their movie’s digital rights for hefty amounts despite knowing that their films will air on the digital platform within a month or two of its original theatrical release, as per the contracts which are usually signed well ahead in advance.

This week as well, big-budget films like KGF, Kathanayakudu and F2 will all be available for home viewing. KGF began streaming on Feb 5 on Amazon Prime Video, a month and a half after its release last year on 21 Dec. The NTR biopic Kathanayakudu which had a theatrical release on Jan 9 began streaming on 8 Feb and F2 which released on 12 Jan during the same Sankranti weekend along with Kathanayakudu, will begin streaming tomorrow on 11 Feb on Amazin Prime Video as well.

KGF was one of Kannada cinema’s biggest hits and one of the first films to enter the international “One crore club” race while F2 was the most profitable film of Telugu cinema as well.

With three big films enjoying a back to back release on the easily accessible digital platform, cinema lovers are now in for a treat.