Another TDP Kadapa Leader Banned By Whats App

Monday, February 11th, 2019, 12:48:39 PM IST

Days after Kadapa Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramesh alleged that his account was banned by What’s App, Kadapa district TDP president R Srinivas Reddy’s account has also allegedly been banned.

Speaking to the media, TDP Kadapa district president R Srinivas Reddy said “There is something fishy going on, especially because it is only happening to the TDP leaders. First, CM Ramesh’s Whats App account was banned and now mine. It was actually on the 7th that I realised that I was unable to use my Whats App account. For the last three days, I have tried many means to uninstall and reinstall the application but to no avail. I got a message that my account has been banned.”

“I suspect that BJP in collusion with the YSR Congress has been targetting prominent TDP leaders of the Kadapa district one after the other by resorting to such acts right ahead of the elections,” he added.