Babu made a big mistake?

Sunday, November 18th, 2018, 10:42:45 AM IST

While speaking at the recently held public in Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandra Babu Naidu made some hard-hitting comments on the opposition leader YS Jagan.

Naidu stressed that the person who attacked Jagan was his admirer and he himself confirmed it in the interrogation. Babu further added that he asked the opposition party to show him valid proofs to go ahead with the investigation but they are not doing the same.

Well, Chandra Babu asking for proofs from the opposition party looks like a comical move after his decision of withdrawing the ‘General Consent’ to the CBI. Had he stayed calm, the CBI would have probed into the case and collected legitimate proofs regarding the same.

Just when CBI was about to look into these happenings(knife attack on Jagan), Babu cancelled its powers in the state. This point will be extensively used by the opposition party, YCP. They have already started claiming that the ruling party, TDP is directly involved in this attack and that is the reason why they do not want a CBI investigation on it. Well, it would be hard to argue with them now.