Bigg Boss girl and unmarried anchor get trolled heavily

Thursday, November 15th, 2018, 03:07:48 AM IST

Maa TV was elated by the huge success of Bigg Boss and rolled out two shows, namely, The great Indian laughter challenge and Pelli Choopulu. While the former is a standup comedy show which is hosted by Bigg Boss girl, Tejashwi, the second one is intended to find the perfect match for the unmarried anchor, Pradeep.

The great Indian challenge received a thumbs down right from the first day and even Bramhanandam could not save this show. Tejashwi’s forced laughter and the poor performances from contestants made this show a disappointing fare.

On the other hand, Pradeep’s Pelli Choopulu was bashed for its utterly poor content and brainless tasks that are being assigned to the contestants. The makers had aimed for a prolonged run, thinking that the concept would connect well with the youth but had to halt it midway, owing to the poor response.

All in all, both these shows got trolled heavily by the netizens and took a toll on the reputation of the channel.