C/O Kancharapalem Fails to Get Recognised at National Awards

Thursday, January 10th, 2019, 10:00:14 AM IST

In 2018, the film C/O Kancharaplaem was one of the most watched and loved Indian film. Directed by debutant Venkatesh Maha, this was a low budget independent film that went on to become one of the most unexpected hits of last year.

C/O Kanceherpalem revolved around 4 stories, set in a small village and featured over 70 debutant actors. This film also premiered at the New York Indian Film Festival before releasing worldwide.

The prestigious India National Award Committee recently rejected this films nomination because it was produced by Dr Praveena Paruchuri who is an American citizen of Indian origin. Praveen who also acted in this film took to Twitter and broke the news to director Maha Venkatesh.