KCR’s Delhi visit was only for eye check-up: Vinod

Thursday, November 1st, 2018, 01:32:01 AM IST

TRS MP B. Vinod Kumar has clarified that caretaker Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao visited New Delhi only for an eye-check up and it has no political agenda.

Speaking to media persons in Telangana Bhavan on Wednesday, Vinod Kumar condemned the Congress party for alleging that KCR’s visit was aimed at meeting top BJP leaders. He described those allegations as baseless. He said Prime Minister Narender Modi was not even present in Delhi when KCR visit there. Therefore, how could KCR meet PM Modi in his absence.

He claimed that KCR has been visiting doctors in Delhi for his eye-check up since he was an MP representing Mahabubnagar Lok Sabha seat. Therefore, there was nothing unsual in his Delhi visit two days ago, he said.

Vinod also condemned the opposition leaders for targeting Director General of Police Mahender Reddy and comparing him with Qasim Razvi. He said Mahender Reddy was an honest police officer and has been performing his duties as per the rules.

The TRS MP also denied allegations of caretaker ministers holding political meetings at their official residences. He said it was common for the party leaders and workers to visit the house of ministers. He said routine visits could not be described as political meetings. He said immediately after the dissolution of Assembly, KCR had directed all the ministers not to undertake any political activity at their official residences.

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