Pawan Kalyan aware of YSRCP & TRS “secret-pact”

Saturday, January 12th, 2019, 12:00:01 PM IST

Pawan Kalyan hinted during a Jana Sena Party meeting in Vijayawada on Friday that he is aware of the alleged YSR Congress and TRS secret pact. The Jana Sena chief said ” those who belittle me are now trying to woo me through the pink party.’’

Speaking to Jana Sena party leaders and activists from Krishna district, Pawan Kalyan said “Those who once predicted an electoral debacle for Jana Sena are now inviting us to join hands…through TRS leaders. This shows our party’s strength.”

Without elaborating further, Pawan Kalyan explained the reason behind the delay in announcing the candidates for the party committee. He said “We can’t build a party overnight. It took me four years to convey to our activists my ideology. Parties with a proper structure won’t survive without public support. I am looking for people with a fighting spirit. That ’s why I have taken this long,’