Telugu Cinema: Enjoyed in War-Torn Balochistan

Monday, February 11th, 2019, 05:25:52 PM IST

Not of a lot of Telugu cinema bluffs or even out filmmakers might be aware of the fact that Telugu movies are enjoyed by audiences across borders.

It is a known fact that Telugu films are dubbed into Hindi and are relished in Northern India as part of their prime time television. Jharkhand, UP, Bihar, Chattisgargh, Himachal and other regions are a stronghold for Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu, Ravi Teja, Pawan Kalyan, Chiranjeevi, Brahmanandam and Ali fans.

Most North Indians are pretty familiar with the names of dubbed Telugu movies and also known the names of not just heroes or heroines but character artists as well.

Avant-garde Brahmanandam is reportedly a universal favorite among non-Telugu speaking north Indians. Telugu heartthrobs like Mahesh Babu are Pawan Kalyan also a favorite among the family audience.

It has also been reported by the Balochistan Forum that Telugu dubbed films provide a sense of joy and happiness in remote and war-torn Balochistan as well.

The ugly business of piracy has crept its way across India’s border and seems to have reached Balochistan as well.

According to sources, most Telugu films that reach across the borders are old and pirated DVDs of films that are usually over 10 years old.

It is reported that it is usually the Telugu films of the ’90s and 2000s that are dubbed into Hindi, makes its way into Balochistan. These films might have been recorded from Hindi film channels like Sony Set Max, Zee Cinema etc as well.

However, it is interesting to note that Telugu cinema not just loved in the two Telugu states but across the nation’s borders as well.