TV Actress Jhansi’s Diary Reveals it All!

Sunday, February 10th, 2019, 04:00:41 PM IST

It has been reported that the police officers investigating the suicide of young television actress Jhansi aka Naga Jhansi of Pavithra Bandham fame, have found her personal diary at her apartment in Srinagar Colony.

Jhansi’s body was found hanging from the ceiling fan on Tuesday morning at her apartment in Hyderabad.

Earlier, the police had recovered two mobiles phones out of which one mobile had a password lock. The police officers investigating the case told the media that Jhasi’s what’s app messages and call records indicated that she was in touch and had a fight with her alleged boyfriend Nani aka Surya.

Now that the police has found Jhansi’s personal diary, the suicide case of the young TV actress suggests that Surya had been harassing her for the last few months. In her dairy, police have alleged that Jhansi had written about how Surya was trying to avoid her and avoid marrying her despite dating her for over a year. Surya is said to have promised to marry Jhansi but went back on his words. Jhansi in her diary alleged that Surya was falsely accusing her of having an affair with various men, particularly her friends Bobby and Giri who also worked in the TV & Film industry and apparently helped her bag roles in serials.

The police have said that the call records also showed Surya was also the last person Jhansi had spoken to before taking her life.

It has also been reported that the evidence gathered so far by the police confirms that Jhansi was in a relationship with Surya and he could be the reason behind her taking this drastic step.

Jhansi’s mother Annapoorna has also accused Surya of being the sole reason behind Jhansi’s suicide and demanded strict legal action be taken against him.

Currently, the Punjagutta police have interrogated Surya and taken him into custody.