Will TDP lose its ground in AP?

Friday, November 2nd, 2018, 12:47:59 AM IST

The alliance between Congress and TDP is currently one of the most talk-about topics in the national political circuits.

After holding a meeting with Chandrababu, Rahul Gandhi said that they had to join hands to “save the nation”.

Well, Sr NTR, who established the TDP, was strongly against the national party and promoted TDP as an anti-Congress party. However, Babu shattered all these philosophies and joined forces with the very same party.

In the past, Babu made some wayward comments, saying voting for Jagan is like making Rahul Gandhi the prime minister of the country. The yellow party leaders linked YCP with Congress in the initial stages and later started claiming that the Jagan-led party had a secret alliance with BJP.

Chandrababu, on various occasions, fired on Congress for its meaning-less bifurcation of the state. He made some fierce comments on the party and said that Andhra Pradesh is being put through so many troubles just because of Congress’s illogical decisions.

Now that TDP has formed an alliance with Congress, it needs to be seen if all these previous comments and statements will come back haunting the party.

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