Bigg Boss desperately trying to help her?

Friday, October 4th, 2019, 01:29:16 AM IST

Ali Reza, who recently re-entered the Bigg Boss house openly admitted that he is more than happy to help Shivajyothi.

In fact, Ali stated that he would personally give the Bigg Boss title to Shivajyothi even if he wins it.

Well, many netizens are now opining that the makers of Bigg Boss have intentionally re-introducted Ali just to help Shivajyothi.

Shivajyothi has been garnering a negative image with her over the top emotions. She is seen weeping for something or the other every now and then. Ali, who is well aware of the social media trends, is trying his best to help Shivajyothi in the house.

It appears to be that the makers of Bigg Boss are desperately trying to help Shivajyothi for reasons best known to them.

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