Bigg Boss: This lady contestant is in big trouble now

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019, 01:00:11 PM IST

The Bigg Boss title race is heating up as the contestants have already started preparing strategies for the season finale.

However, Shivajyothi is facing the heat for her recent actions. She is seen getting emotional for every small thing in the Bigg Boss house. This seems to be irking a large section of the viewers.

Many netizens are opining that Shivajyothi must be eliminated from the Bigg Boss house as she is not a strong enough contestant to win the title.

If Shivajyothi does not change her attitude, she is in big trouble and might as well get a eliminated in this week’s elimination episode.

Meanwhile, Punarnavi is slowly getting more and more support from netizens.

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