Bigg Boss: Will Punarnavi make a big sacrifice for him?

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019, 01:00:55 PM IST

The third edition of Bigg Boss is gaining more and more momentum with every passing day. The title race is heating up as contestants are busy laying out strategies.

Coming to the topic, Rahul completed a tough task yesterday in order to save his close friend Punarnavi from the elimination race. They shared a warm hug soon after.

Incidentally, Bigg Boss announced that Punarnavi will have to self nominate herself for elimination all season long if she wants to save Rahul from the elimination race.

Punarnavi tried to reject this proposal in the beginning but she seemed to have changed her mind later. We will know of she will make the big sacrifice to save Rahul in today’s episode.

Meanwhile, Varun Sandesh has emerged as a clear favorite to win the title after he successfully completed a tough task in the previous episode.

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