Small screen beauty commits suicide

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020, 09:07:10 PM IST

The Hindi television industry most certainly has really beautiful and gorgeous actors and actresses. One of them is actress Preksha Mehta, who acted in shows like Laal Ishq and Crime Patrol.

She has been loving with her parents during this lockdown, in Madhya Pradesh. On Tuesday, when she hadn’t come out of her bedroom at all, her parents were forced to go in.

Her parents were then shocked on seeing her in an unconscious state. They rushed her to the hospital immediately, but she unfortunately had died in the meantime.

Her Instagram post on the previous day said that it’s tragic to not be able to live your dreams. Sources now say that the reason for her suicide is the current lockdown, because of which she hasn’t been able to participate in any shoots.

This is indeed a huge loss for the Hindi television industry.