Aha making the most use of Coronavirus

Saturday, March 21st, 2020, 11:00:55 PM IST

The widespread outbreak of Coronavirus across the world has restricted everyone to their houses. With this self-arrest, everyone is now turning to the digital OTT platforms that offer viewers a wide range of entertainment.

Streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix are the most used in India, with their foreign and Indian content as well. However, recently, Mega producer Allu Aravind launched a streaming platform of his own, for only Telugu content, known as Aha.

While Aha was promising at the beginning, it is now being a little difficult for it to compete with Prime and Netflix. This is because Aha does not have a wide range of movies with it yet. With everyone at home, this is the right time for Aha to make the best out of its platform.